Lotus Type 50 - Elan +2
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Evolution 1 - Early +2

The +2 with registration number
LPW 120F and Chapman on the left.
Above the Elan +2 with registrationnumber LPW 120E and Chassis No: 50/00001 ...

... was found back after 24 years disappearing and offered for sale in March 2010. 


The early +2 with registration number OEH 120F and Chassis No:  50/00014 is typified by the car shown,one of the Lotus press cars
This car is beautifully restored and shown here photographed at Donington 2000

The original cars can be recognized by their distinctive
Carello rear lights and the lack of badging,
other than on the nose and on the boot.
Chassis No: 50 0245 Chassis No: 50 0245
Beautifully restored early +2 - Chassis No: 50 0245
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