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Introduction to the Lotus Elan +2 web pages

  • Lotus Elan +2 is a classic British Sportscar. It is fast, elegant and agile.
  • Often described as the family man's sportscar, the +2 has been overshadowed by its two seat stablemate the original Lotus Elan, yet shares the same Lotus characteristics of excellent performance allied superlative handling. Even after 50 years, there are few cars on the road which can match the Elan for sheer driving pleasure.
  • Designated the Lotus Type 50, and produced from 1967 to 1974, it was a lengthened and re-bodied version of the successful Lotus Elan two seater. Built on a steel backbone chassis, the elegant 2+2 glass fibre body gave room for four seats.
  • For Lotus, the +2 came at a critical point in the company's history. The +2 marked the end of self assemble cars and started the move towards becoming a manufacturer of luxury cars.

This site is divided into four main areas:

  • The History of the +2, which charts its development from prototype to its final production model. There is also background on Lotus Cars and the cars which preceded the +2.
  • Technical Description, which describes the car's construction, design features and performance. Separate pages describe the Twincam engine, the backbone chassis and the car's systems in general.
  • The Photo Gallery, showing various cars in detail.
  • Owning a +2, which gives an insight into the joys and troubles that owning a Lotus can bring. A section on famous +2 owners can be found, and if you have experiences to share, drop me a line and they can be added to the owners' tales page
  • If you wish to research further into the history of the +2 there is a links page and recommended reading.
  • If you have a personal website about your +2, send me an email. I like to place a link to your site.
  • Finally, deep in the archives of the WWW, I found back the Lotus Elan Plus2 registry.
    • The original Website and registry has ceased to exist.
      Given the size of the register, I brought it back on-line in 2010.
      Over the years, many owners and car conditions have changed.
      Please, may I ask you to check your details and to give me the corrections. Thanks!

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