Lotus Type 50 - Elan +2
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Some famous +2 owners and some stars of the silver screen

There must be some, you tell me!

  • A car owned by Colin Chapman came up for auction some years ago. Painted Gold with a silver roof, the car was a late five speed late car with all the extra fitted.
  • Chapman had completed under 7000 miles before the car was stored in the factory's Lotus collection.

Ronnie Peterson's Lotus Elan Plus 2S

  • The car was presented to Peterson by Lotus chief Colin Chapman in November, 1972, soon after Peterson left the March F1 team to join Emerson Fittipaldi in Chapman’s John Player Team Lotus 72 racers.

Jacky Ickx gets his Plus 2S 130/5 in January 1974

  • Jacky Ickx takes delivery of his gleaming Lotus 2S 130/5. The keys for the car were handed over y Colin Chapman ...

  • And drives aff in his newly acquired Lotus, watched y a evy of Press newsmen ...

Graham Hill and his Plus2

  • 1968, chassisn° 50/0418
  • The RAH 400F was supplied to Graham Hill for his exclusive use during has associations with Team Lotus and was registered by Lotus Cars Ltd.
  • This 1968 Lotus Elan Plus 2 that was given to Graham Hill for his personal use whilst at Team Lotus. Originally supplied in silver, this Plus 2 was driven by the famous Lotus twin-cam power unit mated to an all synchromesh four-speed gearbox. 
  • Striking, no exterior mirrors and the silver color. (Lotus L36 silver (ICI P031 5699) was never put into +2 production, it first entered production in 1975)

Georgie Fame with his Elan +2

  • Do I hear a ''yeah, yeah'' from certain Elan +2 owners and enthusiasts

Plus2 on TV

  • The popular TV series The Avengers featured various Lotuses, especially two seat Elans and Europas. A red +2, registration NPW 999F features in the episode "Have guns will haggle", driven by Tara King. For more details see David K Smith's excellent site The Avengers Forever. Thanks to David for the still shown here. If you are wondering why the Avengers featured so many Lotus cars, David tells me that Lotus did a deal with the production company to ensure that Lotus cars were used, an early example of product placement.
  • A 68er Plus2 is appeared in a short scene in The Protectors - TV series 1972-1973

  • In Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), a television series from 1969 to 1971, a 67 Plus2 has been spotted.
    • Note  the licenseplate ... 
    • The first +2 (chassisnumber 00001was recorded with LWP 120E
    • The date of registration for this +2 was of the 19th June 1967
  • The same +2 appered in Department S  - TV Series 1969–1970

  • An other +2 has been seeiing as background vehicle in Sledztwo - TV Movie 1973

  • An other +2 has been seeiing as background vehicle in London on the Move - Documentary 1975

  • An other one in Division 4 - TV Series 1969-1975

  • A +2 as background vehicle in S.W.A.T. - TV Series 1975–1976

  • A +2 as background vehicle in McLaren - Documentary 2017

  • A +2 as background vehicle in King & Castle - TV series 1986-1988

  • A +2 as background vehicle in The Losers - Documentary, 1975 (UK)

  • A +2 appeared in the movie The Statue - Comedy 1971 (UK)

  • A +2 appeared in the film Doomwatch - Movie 1972

  • The Beatles video "Free as a Bird" (1996) featured a white +2.
  • A purple Plus 2 appeared in an English series about a family who are second hand car dealers ...
    Does anyone know the name of the series? I'm told it was shown on Swedish television. 
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